Carrying Faith

In life there are many things that we see, want, do, try, and pray for. I know that I am one of those people who make lists and those lists guide my daily life as I work to coordinate, develop and achieve that which I've planned for myself and those things which have been assigned … Continue reading Carrying Faith


Living Room, Classroom, Board Room: Turning Promises & Plans into Progress

"When we consider the design for our lives, I think it is important to note that the thoughts that live inside of our minds inform our reality, which help to shape our perception, which determines our altitude. If we're not willing to challenge and redirect those thoughts so that they are healthy, critical, warm, forgiving, calming and open (among other things), we run the risk of failing ourselves. We run the risk of being trapped in our metaphorical or literal living rooms. When that happens the classroom and boardroom--or whatever room you hope to one day enter or create--becomes smaller and smaller. And the detrimental thing about entering small, cramped, one-sided spaces, is that there is no room to go or grow."