About Queens Do Things Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission at Queens Do Things Inc., is to significantly empower and positively impact minority women by creating opportunities that encourage inclusion, empowerment, growth, and wellness in an effort to build stronger communities and spaces where the voices, needs, and experiences of the minority, become the priority.

Our Story & Our Work

Queens Do Things Inc. is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This labor of love was founded in 2016 by Dr. Marquisha Frost, in an effort to connect and provide guidance to mentees. The platform was initially a private community. However, the need for mentorship and access to the platform became evident and highly sought after in 2017, at which time Dr. Frost launched the platform publicly. Since its inception, Queens Do Things Inc, has managed blog posts, coordinated events and created a scholarship fund to help support the academic and entrepreneurial pursuits of women across the world.

Over the past year, Queens Do Things Inc. launched a mentorship program, intentionally pairing women with one another to create communities of support, guidance and empowerment. Furthermore, leadership established a Girl Chat series–virtual chats on critical topics, as an outlet and opportunity for community during the pandemic. Women from all over the world join these virtual conversations following an RSVP period and help to further dialogue, agendas and the reach of this platform. The purpose of this platform is to create spaces of inclusion, leverage and build capacity for financial resources and support, empower women and highlight underrepresented voices. Each year, we are finding and focusing on more ways to do just that!

Want to be a part of the change we seek? Keep reading to find out how you can help!

How You Can Help

There are many opportunities to support the work at Queens Do Things Inc. If you are interested in helping expand the reach of this work, getting involved with its causes or simply being a part of the community we serve, we’d love to have you! Start by subscribing to the blog, following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and sharing the site and platform details within your own communities. Want to do more? Consider becoming a part of our mentorship program or submit a testimony about how you’ve been impacted by the work we’re doing. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you can be a part of our GIVE BACK MISSION by donating to Queens Do Things Inc. here. All proceeds directly benefit our Academic and Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund or our many community projects completed at various times throughout the year. We invite you to help in all these ways, BIG and small, and appreciate you for considering and serving in whatever capacity you can!

Our Founder

Dr. Marquisha Frost, Owner of Queens Do Things Inc., is an ambitious and creative woman, wife and mother. She is originally from Omaha, Nebraska but currently resides in Georgia with her husband, Dell and sons, Ma’Kye and Myles, where she works as a student affairs professional, professor and educational consultant.

Marquisha serves as an educational advocate and recently launched her own success and wellness collective, Marquisha&Co., to assist others in building capacity toward self-improvement via personal, academic and life coaching, counseling and consulting. She enjoys writing, spending time with family, reading, working with & mentoring under-represented and underprivileged female youth by creating spaces of inclusion among youth of color that foster mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Working with young students, specifically minority women, Dr. Frost noticed a lack of financial support, self-confidence, guidance and self-love along with a disparity of spaces and places where the voices of young women of color are heard rather than silenced, their stories shared rather than shunned, and their needs exceeded rather than neglected. Through this platform and its work, she intends to connect with and inspire young people, particularly women, across the world!

To stay connected and receive exclusive content & news to your inbox, please subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter  | Instagram | & Like us on Facebook. To contact Dr. Frost directly for mentorship, blog contribution, speaking engagements or all other inquiries, please send an email to: letschat@queensdothings.com.