Pretty in Peace

Growing up, I always heard the phrase, “pretty in pink”, mostly from my mother who was hell bent on coercing me to look like her daughter. Anytime the adolescent tomboy in me attempted to get dressed, my mother would scold me and tell me to rid myself of the dark blue shirt, take the Jordan tennis shoes off, and put on sandals and a pair of pearl earrings in my ear. All things I had no intent or interest in doing.

You look pretty in pink, My” she would say to herself (because I surely was not listening). She’d greet me as I dashed for the door, “I just don’t know why you want to wear all those dark colors and tennis shoes all the damn time!” This always angered me and brought about feelings of discomfort. I simply was not interested in wearing earrings, or styling my hair, and I certainly found no attraction in wearing pink. Not just pink, but earrings and other jewelry and other accessories deemed, for girls. My role model at the time was my big brother- my only biological brother, and I wanted to be just like him: athletic, intelligent and…well, quite frankly, a boy.

As a full-grown adult woman, I would eventually grow to ponder the phrase the young me despised so passionately. I re-framed it of course. See, I am still not so crazed about wearing pink. But I have developed this unwavering desire to secure peace. For me, peace consists of a cleansed soul, financial freedom, emotional and mental stability. All of which individually, but especially collectively, yields happiness. Thus, I have discovered new ways to find peace and the maintenance thereof. It has too, afforded me the opportunity to show up in spaces as my full and best self.

I dedicate this short reflection to my mother, who so desperately wanted her adolescent daughter to look pretty in pink. While I am still not so sure that pink is my favorite color to wear, I am certain that I am prettiest in peace. Respectfully, mom!

About the Author

Ms. Spencer earned an Administration of Justice degree from the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College of Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. She continued her collegiate studies at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain as required by the Foreign Language Department where she earned a second bachelor’s in Spanish. Thereafter, she graduated from Washburn with a Masters of Law and received certificates in both Civil Rights and Criminal Law.

Mynesha is the Founder and Chief Inclusion Strategist at All of Us Together Co., a human relations firm that specializes in diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and was established to improve human relations via applied training and workshop facilitation. The firm works to equip large and small workforces, public and private K-collegiate educational entities, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and municipal, state and federal entities with the knowledge and resources that enables space for all people.
Ms. Spencer sits on the Board of Queens Do Things Inc. and serves as an investor, guest-blogger and QDT Scholarship Committee liaison.

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