Fabulously Flawed!

Flaw (n): a mark, fault or other imperfection that mars a substance or object

 I’ve got a sway in my walk, and a slur in my talk,

I’ve got sandy red hair, And dark brown eyes,

I’ve got perfectly shaped hips, But really thin thighs.

I’ve got old lady hands, And short stubby toes,

I’ve got thick, pink lips, And a wide-bridged nose,

I’ve had the same sized legs, Since I was twelve years old,

My lashes are short, and the natural state of my hair is afro!

It’s untamed, untouched and hardly managed,

It’s been straightened and colored and for a while quite damaged.

My attitude is inconsistent and I don’t like being wrong,

I text all day, but hardly answer the phone,

I’ve got a lot on mind but I live care-free,

I don’t have many friends, but that doesn’t bother me.

I’m needy, I’m demanding, I’m bossy at times,

I’m sweet, real sweet, but don’t play about what’s mine,

I’ve got lines across my side, yea stretch marks,

I’ve got uneven skin, light brown and dark.

You may see me, And only see flaws,

But my reflection is beautifully blinding to me, Flaws & all!

The quirks & perks, they make ME

So flawed I am, but don’t forget -FABULOUSLY !

No one is perfect. Every individual has an imperfection about them. However, be mindful King |Queen, an imperfection implies that a specific perfection is the standard. When we began to understand and embrace our imperfections, we find a perfect esteem and a perfectly established sense of self-worth. Love the you that YOU are, flaws & all! Be you, be fabulously flawed!


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