SEX! Emotion -in- Motion!

-83% of all high school females will lose their virginity prior to graduating high school.

I am not here to judge. It wasn’t too long ago that I was a young girl in high school. I am here to encourage you though. & I encourage you to, for as long as you can, wait to have sex. There are a number of reasons (pregnancy, STD, emotional instability, maturity).

But my primary reason is so that you can treat your body as the temple God ordained it to be. You’re precious, baby girl. You’re worth more than a few minutes & an accidental orgasm. As I got older I began to consider how precious my body was. How smooth my skin is, how sweet I naturally smell, where my curves are (or are not), how slender I am and how unique my body is. It doesn’t make sense to share the most intricate parts of your womanhood, with a boy who has no idea just how damn dope you are. Maybe he claims he does, but does he act like it? Maybe he acts like he does, but how often? These are questions we must ask ourselves.qdt3

For guys, it’s just sex. They do it, with multiple girls, not giving it much thought and then they talk about it with their friends. For girls though, every time you engage in sexual activity, you’re giving a piece of yourself away. Furthermore, there are feelings attached, you may not be in love, but you’re processing thoughts related to your emotions (self-worth, self-esteem, value). These thoughts then determine how you feel about yourself.

There are plenty of ways to give yourself to a person you’re interested in, sex DOESN’T have to be one of those ways. I read a quote once that said something like, “Keep your legs closed, and let him find another way inside of you”. I encourage you all to try it.


2 thoughts on “SEX! Emotion -in- Motion!

  1. says:

    Good message DR. LOWSKI. sex and Love are two totally different things; but both are horribly misunderstood by men,women, and teens. sex is the end result of a person who was not patient and in haste just quickly chose to settle, but didn’t first consider the Eternal Price of Love and Themselves. Don’t Forget To Remember: You Were Brought With The Price of The Precious Blood of Jesus; Don’t Drop Your Price For Nobody, Remember Your Price! Seek the Kingdom, carry Yourself as Royalty, and others will recognize and respect the Kingdom in You! GOD Bless! Love You DR. LOWSKI


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