Kings, Please!

I’m often times asked what kind of man interest me. . .Those who tend to ask generally have an idea of the kind of man they envision me with. I think that my status as a woman, Ph.D. student, single, African American mother plays into their assumptions. I don’t exactly know how that formula is formulated-nor do I care-but I find it humorous nonetheless!

So, what kind of man interest me? The answer to the question isn’t nearly as complex as one may think. Society produces standards for everyone, we don’t have to adopt them though.

I actually prefer my own standard, King, and to be more specific ONLY Kings! One may ask what does this exactly mean? I don’t want to go too far into defining it for you all, because as women we have our own individual preferences, but in my heart, mind and experiences a King is a man with KINGdom mentality, KINGdom traits & KINGdom actions. He thinks like, plans like, walks like, builds like, talks like, creates like, positions himself like, considers himself, treats himself, presents himself and carries himself and most importantly loves himself, according to KINGdom principles, which has a direct influence on how he talks to, treats, refers to, provides for, respects, cherishes and loves YOU!

Ask yourself, What are my standards? Am I dating a KINGdom minded man? Why or Why not? Feel free to share your KING/KINGdom thoughts below. . .



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